Fixed prices cannot be given as every dog is uniquely different with things that may include of your dog's coat condition, the length of coat, skin condition, their behaviour and any extra options that you may require.

About our service


Our services include packages from as little as just a wash through to a full groom. Depending on the size of your dog and breed determines our prices.

We aim to keep your dog as happy as possible by making it as stress-free as we can, this means we will treat every dog individually to suit their needs and temperament. Nothing is ever rushed as we like to take our time to do the job correctly and to ensure you will be happy with the result.

We use a large stainless-steel bath which can be altered to the height of your dog, with the larger dogs being able to simply step in and the smaller dogs to be carefully lifted in. With the bath being electric, means that the bath can be altered to a certain height safely with the dog in to start their wash at a height convenient for the groomer.

Warm water is provided which maintains throughout the whole washing procedure, then a towel dry followed by the blaster to remove all excess water.

What to expect


To make an appointment you can either fill our contact form in on our contacts page or simply call or message 07825 228 625. After you have made your appointment, you will have successfully been booked in for that date and time which will be kept securely for you. A house number / name and postcode will be most important, and a convenient place to park on that day would be greatly appreciated.


On arrival we will ask if you could kindly plug our electric in to provide us with electricity throughout your dog’s groom. We will then discuss what it is you want doing for your dog and what would suit his/hers needs. You are more than welcome to have a look around the van, but we ask if the owner can not be present whilst we groom the dog to ensure they don’t get distracted.


We first of all give your dog a good check over, then follow through with a thorough brush to De-tangle, followed by nail clipping and depending on the package you have selected determines the next few stages. After this we then ‘pre-clip’ before bathing, this helps if your dog’s hair is matted or very long or thick. We then set up for the bath, which includes a rinse over and then two shampoo’s and a conditioner and a face wash to suit your dogs coat type and skin condition. This is then followed through with a towel dry and then the blaster to remove the excess water. We then continue the grooming by doing a neat clip or tidy up which is then finished with some dog friendly cologne.

Back to you

Once we are finished with your dog’s groom, we will then bring your dog back to you which we then check if you are happy with the work done and of course any feedback is always welcome and taken will be taken board.

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