Full Groom

The Full Groom service includes the following health check, full brush through, pads trimmed, nail clip, ear clean, two washes and conditioner, a blow dry / hand dry, tidy up around the feet, skirt, tail and head, a professional cut or clip to your preferred style then followed through with some finishing cologne.

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Hand Stripping

This service is best suited for dog’s with wired coats, it is designed to keep your dog’s coat in its natural condition as well as clean and healthy. This service typically takes longer than clipping and may cost more, but it has less chance of damaging the dog’s natural coat.

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Wash and Dry

Our Wash and Dry service includes a health check, a full brush and de-shed, two washes and a conditioner, then followed by a blow dry / hand dry, nail cut and a spray of our finishing cologne to leave your dog smelling lovely!

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